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If you have never used this new website, don't enter anything and please just click on "Forgot your password?"

If you already clicked on "Forgot your pasword?" and have received the e-mail your with your credentials, please note: 

1. Your Username is not your e-mail. (Your e-mail is only used to retrieve your Username and Password.)
2. Your Username has a period between your first and last names. (You may change your username.)
3. Your Username and password are case sensitive. 
4. You may copy and paste from the email to avoid re-typing. (Be sure that when you do not pick up an extra space when you copy.)

If you are already an AROC member, but for some reason cannot sign-in to renew, please note:
1. If your membership has lapsed for more than a year (your Alfa Owner label always has your expiration date), and you want to renew with your old membership number, you must contact the AROC administrator (
2. If you click on "Register", the system will create a new membership for you.
3. You may always send an email to the AROC administrator ( for any issues.

If you are already logged in you will see "My Account" and "Logout" next to each other in blue at the bottom left of the screen.  If that is the case, click on the blue "My Account" and it will take you into your member record.
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